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"This place is a treasure. A beautiful house and garden put together with great thought to all the little details..." TripAdvisor

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About the Adobe on Green Street Inn.

When my wife and I travel, we often look for historic hotels or bed and breakfast inns. We like to stay in places that have a story to tell. We like to learn about the local history of the town we're visiting. However, the quality of many inns can be spotty.

Is the place clean? Can we come and go without feeling like we are inconveniencing anyone? Is it quiet? Are the beds comfortable? Are we forced to make small talk at a communal breakfast table? Will we have to share a bathroom?

We designed our guest house to be the kind of place we would feel comfortable in.

-Cleanliness and maintenance are our highest priority.

-Our beds are simply the best available: Englander Natural Latex. One night's rest and you won't want to leave.

-All our rooms have beautiful private bathrooms.

-We ensure your stay will be quiet and comfortable, but we don't fuss over you. We give you independence. We know you aren't coming to Santa Cruz to see us and you have limited time to enjoy our town. You are well cared for, but left alone.

-Our rooms have no common walls so your privacy is observed.

-Finally, our location is remarkable. We are set in a garden on a hill overlooking downtown, three blocks from restaurants, shops, galleries, and museums. These days it is a luxury to spend a weekend without getting in your car.

Being Green.

We're solar powered. Seventy five percent of our electricity is generated from our rooftop solar panels. Most of our cleaning at the Adobe is done with vinegar and water. Not only is white vinegar an excellent cleaner, it also leaves no harmful vapors that could bother our guests who are sensitive to commercial cleaning products.

Driving Green.

Our solar panels charge our vehicle too. We drive an all-electric Nissan Leaf. It allows us to use the solar energy we collect and run our errands for the B&B with zero emissions. It's also very quiet so we don't disturb the peace and quiet when we come and go. More about our green policies...

see our mission statement..


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