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"This place is the most amazing weekend getaway spot in the greater Bay Area."


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Archived Comments from Adobe Guests.

Dec 21 ...."Every detail here is special. Like our own discrete oasis. Thank you."

Dec 7 ...."Here for our 50th anniversary and we couldn't have picked a more lovely spot."

Dec 5 ...."The Adobe is the epitome of the private getaway. Our expectations were exceeded!"

Dec 3 .... "Like home! Our stay here was absolutely magical."

Dec 1 ...."We so appreciate your efforts to create a calm, quiet, peaceful place to stay. Loved it."

Dec 1 ...."Everything was perfect. Loved the quiet and the ultimate privacy."

Nov 30 ...."We have found a new home away from home. Perfect stay!"

Nov 29 ...."Everything is so clean and organized here. We felt right at home."

Nov 23 ...."Our stay here was perfect. Privacy, peace, quiet, and cleanliness. When can we move in?"

Nov 21 .... "Here we found the quiet and relaxation that we seek and rarely find away from home."

Nov 20 ...."A little slice of heaven in downtown Santa Cruz. We will be back!!"

Nov 19 ...."Such a beautiful and amazing time here. Could not have asked for more!"

Nov 16 ...."We love staying here. So much thought has been put into everything."

Nov 15 ...."We had the most amazing time here for our anniversary. So happy we found this out-of-the-way gem."

Nov 13 ...."Wonderful place where every need is met. So beautiful and peaceful."

Jul 12 .... "Peaceful, quiet, comfortable, and the most beautiful details I have seen in any B&B."

Jul 10 ...."One of the most beautiful and peaceful places we have ever stayed in. "

Jun 26 ...."One of the most beautiful places I have ever stayed! Thanks for making our weekend magical."

Jun 25 ...."It felt like home here...only better. Your home is so beautiful and restful."

Jun 24 ...."We have found our new home in Santa Cruz. We appreciate your attention to detail."

Jun 20 .... "We loved the sense of privacy and relaxation here. What a beautiful city!"

Jun 18 ...."Thank you for providing such a beautiful, peaceful & quiet place to stay."

Jun 16 ...."We enjoyed every second, every detail, nook and cranny. Thank you!"

Jun 14 ...."We had an amazing stay. Exactly what we had hoped for. A beautiful, quiet retreat."

May 26 ...."Wonderful place! My new B&B while visiting my daughter in Santa Cruz."

May 24 ...."What a beautiful place. The rooms are beyond great. I want to stay forever!"

May 23 .... "An ideal stay at the Adobe. The perfect location for me. I love walking."

May 21 ...."Peaceful, quiet, no innkeeper chit-chat. I love it here. When can I move in?"

May 20 ...."Loved making this our home base in SC. We never used our car for the whole weekend. Walked to everything. Thank you!"

May 18 ...."Comfortable, beautiful and quiet. All the things I dream of finding when I'm away from home."

May 15 ...."Our room felt like it was a world away from the city, yet we were right in town."

May 14 ...."Fantastic stay. You have created magic here and we feel lucky to have found you."

May 12 ...."One of the loveliest inns we have stayed at. We had a wonderful time."

May 11 .... "This is a one of a kind retreat. This is by far the most beautiful B&B."

May 9 ...."Great place. Really enjoyed the quiet & the gardens. Felt like a home, only more beautiful."

May 7 ...."Thank you for making our honeymoon extra special. We've never stayed in a place this beautiful!"

May 6 ...."Everything we want in a quick getaway. Our second time here."

May 5 ...."In every way sublime. We appreciate all the attention to detail for your guests."

Apr 24 ...."There is so much to appreciate here. The gardens, the architecture, the solar panels, the location and the comfort."

Apr 22 ...."We've never had a B&B experience like this before. We appreciate the quiet and the attention to detail. Thank you so much."

Apr 19 .... "Thank you for creating this wonderful place to stay. Celebrated our anniversary here."

Apr 14 ...."The Adobe is our home away from home. No other B&B even comes close."

Apr 11 ...."We love this well-kept secret. Private, quiet, and lovely."

Apr 10 ...."Everything here was perfect. High speed internet, beauty, comfort, gardens, artwork. Don't change a thing."

Apr 8 ...."What a lovely, peaceful place. Just perfect. We'd love to settle in here for a while."

Mar 27 ...."A hidden gem in Santa Cruz. Attention to every detail and so easy on the eyes."

Mar 25 .... "Such an enjoyable stay. We took advantage of all your in-room recommendations. Fantastic!"

Mar 23 ...."Everything here was designed for our comfort and so thoughtful. Thank you."

Mar 22 ...."A perfect stay. Thank you for making this oasis available to us."

Mar 20 ...."Impeccable. Clean, quiet, and the best location in town. Thank you."

Mar 19 ...."Such a wonderful place. The fresh dahlias in the room were a treat."

Mar 18 ...."Simplicity and quality in a historic beauty right in the heart of town. Perfect!"

Feb 25 ...."Thank you so much for such an amazing visit. This place is perfect!"

Feb 24 .... "Beautiful and unique escape you have built here. Just fantastic."

Feb 23 ...."This place is lovely. Like a dream."

Feb 22 ...."We had a great time. Wish we could have stayed longer! Beautiful and peaceful."

Feb 21...."The most amazing place we have ever stayed in. Thank you!"

Feb 20...."We are traveling California and by far this has been our best find. Thank you."

Feb 18...."This has been an amazing experience. It felt like we were in a dream home. Thank you."

Jan 6 ...."Thank you for the beautiful memories. We spent our first night and husband and wife here."

Jan 5 ...."The details here are perfect. I want to make this an annual tradition."

Jan 3...."By far the best B&B we have ever stayed in."

Jan 1...."Tranquil, relaxing, and beautifully decorated. The best!"

Dec 31 ...."Your home is so beautiful and so heavenly. I had a wonderful time here."

Dec 29 .... "Loved our stay in Santa Cruz, and especially the Adobe. Truly a home away from home."

Dec 28 ...."Thank you for an amazing experience. We felt like we were staying in a friend's home."

Dec 10 ...."Perfect! Charming, clean, great location and so thoughtful."

Dec 8 ...."Quiet and cleanliness. The adobe building feels sculptured and furnished to stimulate and relax at the same time."

Dec 7 ...."So quiet and calm here. If we had known how great this place is we would have booked for a week!"

Dec 5 ...."Amazing retreat from the busy world. Privacy, quiet, cleanliness and beauty."

Dec 4 ...."We felt like we were house sitting in the most gorgeous home. We will be back."

Dec 3 .... "Our second time here and even better than the first. This is a spiritual place. Solid, warm, and signs everywhere of great care."

Dec 2 ...."We love it here. You have created something magical. We'll be back!"

Dec 1 ...."What a perfect B&B! Peaceful, quiet, private, and done with such taste. Love it!"

Dec 3 ...."Thanks so much for the wonderful stay. Everything about it was perfect!"

Dec 2 ...."This is our second time here. I wouldn't stay anywhere else. Wish you were in every city."

Dec 1 ...."Thank you! We will never forget our stay here. Delightful in all ways."

Nov 30 ...."Perfect blend of beauty and comfort with a real world commitment to sustainability."

Nov 28 .... "A perfect stay during our honeymoon in California."

Nov 25 ...."Great ambiance and charm here. A warm welcoming low-key place with tons of privacy."

Nov 22 ...."We love this place! Wonderful accommodations and a beautiful setting. We will be back!"

Nov 19 ...."Superb experience. Quiet, peaceful, clean and beautiful. We'll be back."

Nov 17 ...."Careful attention to detail, pleasant decor, quiet, and so central to downtown. You have it all here!"

Nov 15 ...."Peaceful, idyllic retreat yet close to all the amenities."

Nov 13 ...."I believe this is our 5th time here. As always...awesome."

Nov 12 ...."Best bed and breakfast I have ever been to!"

Nov 10 .... "Great stay for my birthday. We slept so well & felt taken care of & at peace."

Nov 8 ...."A perfect get away in the most beautiful setting in Santa Cruz. Thank you!"

Nov 5 ...."Superb experience. Quiet, peaceful, clean and beautiful. We'll be back."

Nov 3 ...."The best B&B ever! Thank you for allowing us to experience such a lovely place. We'll be back for sure."

Oct 31 ...."This has been the best three days. Loved the quiet and attention to detail here."

Oct 28 ...."Just perfect! Don't change a thing and we'll be back next year."

Oct 27 ...."How wonderful to share such a treasure. Every detail is so appreciated."

Oct 25 .... "Loved my stay here. The breakfast is perfect and the house and grounds beautiful!"

Oct 24 ...."The Adobe is a gem. Great DVDs, perfect breakfast and comfy beds!"

Oct 22 ...."Wonderful room and home. Such a unique setting with a perfect light breakfast. Thank you."

Oct 21 ...."Loved walking to downtown. Gorgeous home and tasteful interiors."

Oct 21 ...."Peace, quiet, best location and solid non-frilly comfort."

Oct 8 ...."Environmentally friendly, easy parking, beautiful gardens, everything was perfect!"

Oct 7 ...."Absolutely wonderful! Can we live here? We'll be quiet, I promise."

Oct 6 .... "Came for our first anniversary and our expectations have been exceeded."

Oct 4 ...."Perfect stay here. Loved our room and the comfortable bed."

Oct 3 ...."Non-fussy decor, great coffee, and a wonderful environment for relaxation."

Oct 1 ...."Our stay was lovely. All the little details here make this so special."

Sep 29 ...."So private and quiet here. A paradise right in the heart of town, Wonderful!"

Sep 28 ...."The best place we have found in Santa Cruz!"

Sep 23 ...."The Adobe felt like coming home. Beautiful, comfortable, tasteful. An oasis."

Sep 22 .... "A perfect stay for us. Everything here is so thoughtful. Wonderful details everywhere."

Sep 21 ...."So inviting, relaxing, and spotlessly clean. We'll be back soon!"

Sep 18 ...."Beautiful solitude, lovely gardens, and real feeling of peace and quiet."

Sep 17 ...."Well designed at every level. The location is perfect and our room was perfect for our romantic weekend."

Sep 16 ...."This place just feels right. We have found a new home in Santa Cruz whenever we are here."

Sep 14 ...."Perfect getaway! Gorgeous home and wonderful accommodations."

Sep 10 .... "I feel like canceling the rest of my trip plans for the week and just staying here!"

Aug 31 ...."Private, peaceful, perfectly appointed and beautiful gardens. Thank you for making this place so wonderful."

Aug 28 ...."Our second visit here and it felt like coming home. We love every little touch."

Aug 15 ...."Privacy, cleanliness, location, and style. All of it top notch."

Aug 12 ...."Beautiful ambiance here. Charming and quiet. Just what this urbanite needed."

Aug 11 ...."Amazing bed and overall a wonderful stay in this paradise."

Aug 9 ...."Perfect and relaxing here. Thank you for your amazing attention to detail and the thoughtful touches."

Aug 8 .... "This place is magical. The birds, the gardens, the understated feeling here...all marvelous."

Aug 7 ...."So quiet and peaceful. It's clear you love this place and care about your guests."

Aug 6 ...."Thoughtful touches everywhere, great wifi, tons of hot water, healthy breakfast. Thank you!"

Aug 5 ...."This is our favorite B&B. You have seriously thought of everything."

Aug 3 ...."Our stay was exactly what we had hoped for. Thank you."

Jul 24 ...."You succeeded in making me feel like I had close friend who lent me their house for the weekend. Wonderful!"

Jul 23 .... "Quiet, Quaint, Homey, Warm, Beautiful. Perfect!"

Jul 22 ...."The gardens and interiors here are so beautiful. I'd like to wake up here every day."

Jul 21 ...."Loved the small details. So beautiful and comfortable. We are planning a return."

Jul 20 ...."Wonderful place you have. Your guide book in the room made our stay so much more interesting."

July 17 ...."I hate to leave. This is the kind of place I long for but until now have never found."

July 16 ...."Design, beauty, surprise details. This is high art in lodging and won't soon forget this wonderful place."

July 15 .... "We had a wonderful stay. Love the details you have put into this place. We'll highly recommend it."

July 14 ...."Thank you! This was the home away from home retreat we needed. So beautiful, peaceful and restorative."

July 10 ...."Comfortable, spotless & quiet - Bliss!"

July 7 ...."Staying here is like coming home...only a lot better."

July 6 ...."The short walk to downtown, the quiet when we return, your great guide to Santa Cruz. It was fantastic. Thanks."

July 4 ...."First time here and certainly not the last. Loved, loved, loved it. Thank you!"

July 3 ...."The perfect place to wake up each morning. Your home made jams are divine and we felt so welcome and special here."

July 2 .... "So great here. Beauty everywhere and so clean and quaint. Thank you."

July 1 ...."Thank you so much. Breakfast was perfect and the atmosphere here is very special. We'll be back."

Jun 30 ...."So sad to leave today. We love it here. A relaxing and wonderful spot."

June 28 ...."Everything here is just lovely. Especially loved the gardens and the proximity to downtown."

Jun 27 ...."The gardens are beautiful and we loved the absolute privacy here."

Jun 25 ...."Our favorite B&B. We appreciate all the large and small delights here."

Jun 24 .... "What a precious place. We look forward to coming again and will recommend the Adobe."

Jun 22 ...."Sadly it's time to go home after another wonderful stay! Thanks for keeping the Adobe as wonderful as it's always been."

Jun 19 ...."It has been so beautiful here. A truly awesome place."

Jun 18 ...."This is the only B&B that I can call perfect. Quiet, beautiful and private. Thank you so much."

Jun 12 ...."Clean, uncluttered, well cared for and peaceful. Our kind of place!"

Jun 10 .... "I feel truly at home here. Thank you for the attention to the details."

Jun 8 ...."This is undoubtedly one of the best inns we have ever stayed in. Thank you!"

Jun 7 .... "We feel so lucky to have found the Adobe. Two nights are not enough."

Jun 6 ...."This is now our home away from home. Everything is done so well."

Jun 4 ...."Three wonderful nights here. We loved it all! The attention to detail, the beauty and the birds at the feeder."

Jun 2 ...."A huge slice of heaven on earth!"

Jun 1 ...."Thank you for all the special touches. We loved it here."

May 30 .... "An intelligent and experienced approach to the "hotel" art. It's our favorite place."

May 28 ...."Absolutely a perfect get away place. So quiet. Beautiful rooms-spacious and lovely. "

May 27 .... "Lovely escape. Thank you for the beautiful and fun place to stay."

May 26 ...."Peaceful, intimate, adorable and restful. Can't think of anyplace we'd rather be! "

May 25 ...."Thank you for all the lovely details in this inspiring place of tranquility and calm."

May 19 ...."Clean, beautiful, excellent breakfast and the best guide book I've ever seen. Thank you."

May 17 ...."Thank you for a wonderful, quiet and relaxing stay. We will be back!"

May 15 .... "Again we had a magical stay at your inn. See you again soon!"

May 13 ...."Clean, quiet, private. This is the best B&B we have ever discovered. "

May 12 .... "The ambiance here is perfect. This is our new first choice in Santa Cruz. "

May 11 ...."This has become a favorite destination. The place is magical, serine, sublime and immaculate."

May 10 ...."Thank you for the best birthday ever!"

May 9 ...."This wonderful home is all that we hoped for and more. Thank you for giving attention to the details."

May 8 ...."This is a home I can imagine living in. The old California feel is wonderful. Thanks."

May 6 ...."We felt so comfortable here because you saw to every one of our needs."

May 5 ...."The Adobe surpasses all the B&Bs we've stayed in over the years. Calm, comfortable, and beautiful. "

May 3 ...."Too many wonderful details to mention here. So warm and inviting."

May 1 ...."We are so reluctant to leave. Loved our stay here. This place is so beautiful."

Apr 27 ...."We loved our stay...the birds at breakfast...and of course, the chocolates. We look forward to returning."

Apr 25 ...."What a find. We've been coming to Santa Cruz for 10 years and finally found a place we feel at home."

Apr 20...."Thank you for the best B&B experience on our 2 week Calif coast trip!"

Apr 19 ...."Thank you! A wonderful haven of rest and relaxation. Watching the birds was a highlight!"

Apr 18 ...."Best home away from home I could ask for."

Apr 16 ...."We had a wonderful stay. Especially enjoyed the restaurant recommendations."

Apr 14 ...."An introverts paradise. Quiet, serine, and just plain enjoyable."

Apr 13...."Immaculate, perfect decor, excellent breakfast, spot-on location. We will be back!"

Apr 12 ...."Complete relaxation!"

Mar 29 ...."Loved it all here. Surprises around every corner. Don't change a thing."

Mar 28 ...."The most charming place we have stayed on our coast trip. Thank you."

Mar 27 ...."The perfect "staycation." Even as locals we'll be back. Can't wait to share this with friends and family."

Mar 26 ...."Thank you for having a fresh approach to a B&B and for providing introverts like us great privacy."

Mar 25 ...."You anticipated every one of our needs here. This place is like no other we have ever experienced. Five stars!"

Mar 24 ...."A great stay. Loved that we could easily walk to everything downtown. Thank you."

Mar 23 ...."Everything here is high quality with design surprises everywhere. We love the decor and quiet here."

Mar 11 ...."Finally a tasteful, not fussy, beautiful B&B for grown ups. Thank you!!!"

Mar 10 ...."Perfect B&B. The nicest mix of beauty, tradition, architecture, and garden splendor I've ever encountered."

Mar 8 ...."Everything here is magical. Can we move in for good?"

Mar 7 ...."This is by far our favorite B&B anywhere. So private and relaxing. We'll be back!"

Mar 6 ...."Quiet, peaceful and no chatty innkeepers! We hate to leave. Thanks for a perfect stay."

Mar 5 ...."We love it here and that's why we keep coming back. Love the morning sun streaming in the breakfast room. Heaven."

Mar 3 ...."The bed, the bed, the bed! I've never slept so soundly."

Feb 27 ...."Loved the simplicity and comfort here. The focus is on beauty and independence."





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